February 19th 2020

What is a Shipper

What is a Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods?

Transport documents that are compliant to rules and regulations are an imperative part of shipping dangerous goods. Shipper's declaration form is to provide critical information to the transport operator in a certain format that is recognized industry wide. In accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), packaging and labeling are two crucial criteria to be fulfilled by the consignor in order to ship dangerous goods.

Shipper's declaration form for dangerous goods includes information like space for air eligibility and certification documentation. It also includes 24-hour emergency response phone number of the consignor, if any problem occurs during transit.

Information required on the shipper's declaration form

The declaration form requires extensive information about the dangerous goods that are being shipped. EZ-Ship is a compliance checking software that can guide you through every step. Following are some of the information that is required on the form:

Shipper: Name and address of the shipper

Air Waybill Number: Here you'll have to mention the Air Waybill number that corresponds to the shipper's declaration form. Air Waybill is a shipping document for goods by air. If the shipper doesn't have at the time of filling the form, you could request the shipper’s agent or airline to complete it.

Number of pages: The total number of pages

Shipper’s Reference Number: This is an optional field wherein you could enter the shipper's organization reference number if any.

Consignee: Name and address of the consignee

Transport Details: This field is for the shipper to declare any aircraft limitations pertaining to the hazardous products that are being carried. Some dangerous goods have specific limitations when it comes to passenger and cargo aircraft transportation.

Airport of Departure: As the name suggests, the field requires the full name of the airport or city of departure.

Airport of Destination: Here you have to mention the city of destination and the three-letter airport code doesn't suffice.

Shipment Type: This field is for you to declare if the products are non-radioactive vs radioactive

Nature and quantity of dangerous goods: This section details out the shipping name of the hazardous substance that is being shipped, the quantity, classification, and any packaging instruction to be included.

How can EZ-Ship help with the shipper's declaration form?

As one of the easiest DG software, EZ-Ship will assist you with everything you need for shipping dangerous goods. Shipper's declaration form for dangerous goods requires extensive and accurate information. Depending on the frequency of shipment, the task of documentation and inventory management can get tedious. Some of the key benefits of using EZ-Ship software are:

  • Increased quality of data
  • Transparency and traceability
  • The number of errors and delays get reduced drastically
  • Keep up to date on regulations and avoid fines as well as return shipments
  • Improved productivity of your team
  • Compliant to all the IATA rules

As industry experts, we have put together visual guides to eliminate errors that can cost your business a fortune. Bring efficiency in shipping dangerous goods,

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