EZ-Ship softwares is a joint venture between 2 businesses that have collaborated for years and that have partnered up, each bringing their own expertise into the mix.

Hazmat Systems Inc

Hazmat Systems was founded in 2011 as a MSDS (now SDS) management software and service company. It's revolutionary SafeStation was the first system of its kind to bring MSDSs directly to where the workers needed it most, right in their own working environment. The company has evolved over the years and is now a leader in MSDS/SDS management, and offers additional modules such as a Learning Management System (LMS), a document management tool and so much more.


CFT Canada

Founded in 1985, CFT Canada is a leading training and consulting provider specialized in shipping dangerous goods, whether by air, sea, rail or ground. Their main goal is to offer their clients a dynamic service constantly improved by growth and diversity, in turn driven by an eternal search of innovative solutions that cater to their clients’ evolving training needs. They owe their success to the excellent reputation acquired over the years. CFT Canada’s involvement in the development of several important companies’ training sessions has given their team an expertise ensuring that customers meet their own goals relating to the shipment of dangerous goods.