Placard calculator for fleet

At the base of our offering for the trucking industry is our EZ-Fleet module. Using our unique "virtual truck" approach, dispatchers can quickly and efficiently view, add or remove dangerous goods inside each vehicle in their fleet.

Key features

  • View all the dangerous goods in each vehicle and trailer in real-time
  • View the required placards for each vehicle
  • Quickly add basic manual shipments simply by answering a few questions
  • Add complete shipments that were created by the customer in EZ-Ship simply by entering the tracking number
  • View the shipper's declarations for all of those shipments
  • View the proper shipping names and descriptions
  • Ensure that all dangerous goods in the vehicle are compatible with our segregation checker
  • Compatible with American and Canadian regulations

Main benefits

  • Increased productivity by reducing the amount of time needed to figure out placarding for mixed loads
  • Eliminates the risk of placarding and segregation mistakes, and therefore eliminate fines
  • Provide greater support for your drivers

Screen captures

Our virtual truck approach allows dispatchers to quickly add and remove shipments to individual vehicles

Quickly add shipments that were created in EZ-Ship by the customer or add manual shipments by answering a few basic questions

View the correct placards required in real-time, including the option for the dangerous/danger placard if possible

Access the official Emergency Response Guides for exactly what's inside the vehicle

Once shipments are created in the system, they can easily be moved around from vehicle to vehicle

Manage all your DOT special permits that allow you to bypass segregation issues